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What’s your AdvisorScore℠?

Only the nation’s longest operating sales training practice for banks and credit unions has the expertise to give you the truth about the customer experience you’re delivering.

Track Sales and Service Satisfaction Quarterly So You Can Coach For Improvement

Service quality is only one component of customer satisfaction. In today’s world, customer’s also expect you to be helpful with suggestions and advice. Now with AdvisorScore℠ you can monitor both dimensions of customer satisfaction in a format that enables your managers to be proactive in coaching their employees how to improve the customer experience they’re delivering.

AdvisorScore℠ is an online customer research tool that combines customer scoring of employee sales behavior in their most recent transaction and customer scoring of their overall satisfaction with the organization to produce a single combined AdvisorScore℠ for the company, for each branch and for each type of transaction plus specific customer comments on the service they received and recommendations for corrective action.

AdvisorScore℠ also gives you a measure of the effectiveness of your sales training and creative input from your customers on how to create a better customer experience.

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