Welcome to Schneider Sales Management, Inc., the world's premier sales management and sales training consultants for banks and credit unions.

We have a 35 year successful track record of dramatically increasing sales and net income for banks, credit unions, brokerage firms, realtors and mortgage lenders as the financial industry's longest operating and only full service sales development consulting practice.

Increase your sales, immediately.

We're the one sales management consulting firm with the combined bank, credit union and sales management expertise to give you custom, integrated sales development for the financial world you sell in. As a result, salespeople in every selling role from teller or universal banker to experienced mortgage originator, investment officer, or commercial lender can learn to increase their sales by 50%, or more.

Our clients increase their average net income per employee at a rate three times faster than their industry norm.

We help our clients:

  • Grow sales as much as 50%, or more, per employee
  • Assess current sales practices corporate-wide to determine what's working and what's not
  • Sell more high profit products to high value customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability
  • Implement a Preferred Way of Selling®
  • Build sustainable mastery of sales and coaching skills company-wide
  • Recruit, select and retain salespeople who can sell
  • Build the integrated sales management process necessary to sustain a quantum leap gain in sales productivity

What's New

  • Ask about our new mobile learning video.
  • Ask about our new ground breaking behavioral interviewing course for sales and service.
  • Ask about our new Disciplined Practice Workshops that build use of best practice habits taught in our sales course.
  • Join us in our National Hiring Research. MARQUIS software is sponsoring our second national hiring research study with Dr. Cliff Young at the University of Colorado at Denver Business School. Call us for details or REGISTER now while you're on our site and receive our report of the findings and 50 FREE online salesperson hiring assessments.