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Increase your revenue and grow customer relationships fast with sales training from the world's longest operating sales consulting and training firm for banks.

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Our focus in training on member relationships, consultative selling, and taking time to understand each member’s situation is why credit unions of every size have found our sales training programs to be culture friendly.

We Increase Sales While Improving Member Satisfaction and Loyalty

Our success in implementing sales and service cultures based on serving members, increasing member satisfaction and loyalty, and helping employees overcome sales discomfort is why high performing credit unions like ESL Federal, America First, and Vystar selected us as stewards of their successful cultures. Our sales management process is coaching-focused, so employees buy in faster and master the skills they need to be successful.

Our unique insight into member-focused consultative selling was developed in over 40 years of creating custom sales solutions for credit unions with widely diverse cultures and objectives, from our national research on top producing financial salespeople, and in our many partnerships with CUNA and dozens of CRM providers.

ESL Federal Credit Union
Roster, NY

ESL undertook a series of coordinated sales initiatives with us to rapidly expand their community branches, deepen existing member relationships and acquire new members.

Overall core product sales increased by 40% in the first two years of the initiative, while member satisfaction scores increased from 85.7% to 97.1%. In less than four years, total assets grew from $1.4 billion to $2.5 billion and total membership increased from 164,700 to 265,000. Employee use of preferred sales skills and behaviors during member conversations exceeded 90%.

Bank Sales Training Programs

The better your sales culture and strategy is, the more you look for ONE more competitive edge.

We help the World's Best Sales Organizations Get Better

Some large banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, brokerage firms, and insurance companies have already found a preferred way of selling and managing sales that works for them. Once a sales culture is firmly in place, the focus is on moving from good to great by fine tuning sales process and building a competitive advantage through the way that you sell.

For high performing sales organizations we become a resource for assessing sales performance gaps with our company-wide sales assessments, for obtaining customer feedback on individual salesperson effectiveness, for providing targeted sales training for one or more underperforming sales roles, for upgrading personnel with our unique hiring assessments, or for follow-up tools like our sales meeting guide, our online 360 feedback for sales leaders, or our mobile learning video.

Our national research on top producing financial salespeople and Jim Schneider's book, The Sales Producers, How the World's Best Salespeople Sell, give these tools extra credibility with top sales producers.

"Schneider Sales Management, Inc. conducted a revealing sales assessment for us and continues to help us hire more bankers who can sell with their Optimum Performance Profile which has dramatically improved our success rate in hiring and saved us thousands of dollars in bad hiring decisions.”

Betty Maes, Phd.
Commerce Bank

Our Performance by the Numbers

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Why Our Sales Training Programs are Clearly Different

Why pay extra for the superficial selling models and gamification of learning approach of generic sales partners when you can establish a Preferred Way of Selling® that fits your culture exactly?

Following our in-depth industry best assessment, your team will be focused on the behavior that best fits your strategy and unique strengths, and learning will be based on disciplined practice of your organization’s uniquely defined preferred behaviors for each job role and each person.


Employees assume ownership for learning and meeting behavioral standards through their participation in our assessment process, customization of selling roles and performance metrics and classroom pre-work leading to learning objectives tailored to each person in cooperation with his or her supervisor.


Classroom learning builds mastery of one Preferred Way of Selling® skill at a time across the widest range of skills in the industry reducing the need for multiple classes. Time is largely devoted to practice and application of skills to real world situations, so participants quickly get the easily repeatable FEEL of selling or coaching with a helping mindset and overcome any lingering sales discomfort.


Each core selling or sales management class is reinforced by a disciplined practice workshop devoted entirely to practice and feedback of the core skills most critical to success.

Following classroom training, an eight-week (60 day) regimen of disciplined practice called Sales Skill Certification is established for each participant. This regimen includes online video review, completion of skill mastery contracts to demonstrate skill mastery, and frequent supervisor observation with structured feedback. Completion of learning and demonstration of skill mastery must be certified by the employee’s supervisor, sales development officer or sales trainer.


As participant skill levels improve the benefits of our real industry-wise customization accelerate. Through sales meetings, 90 day improvement goals and weekly sales plans, sales tactics custom designed for each job role are deployed to meet immediate and well-defined objectives. Skills taught in training are purposely designed to support execution of strategies like onboarding and profiling for emerging needs.

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